Top 5 Interesting Facts related to the Christians!!!

More than 2 billion Christians are available in the world. There are some false Christians are available that is creating havoc in the Society. It is considered as one of the most popular religion in the world. It is fairly fastest- growing religion in the world.  As per professionals, three types of Christians are out there. According to the professionals, Christians comes with a lot of denominations that is divided into three main branches like Protestantism, Orthodox and Catholicism.  More than 50% Christians are completely Catholics. Every religion comes with set of rules and Christian is one of them. In case you are breaking the commandments of Christians then you have sinned.

Sunday is considered as holy day of the week. Businesses and stores have been closed in the Sunday.  They are dedicating the Sunday to worship and lord. Following are 5 interesting facts that you need to know regarding Christians.

  • Easter is main holidays

You will find Easter starts with gruesome reminder. It is considered as biggest holiday. Different types of authors are out there who have written 66 books on the Bible.  Gutenberg Bible is considered as one of the most important book that ever printed. This particular Bible has been written into 3000 languages.  More than 100 million bibles have been sold each year.  Ultimately, it is one of the most popular books that are available in so many countries.

  • Three Abrahamic religions

According to the professionals, Christianity is associated with three Abrahamic religions like Islam and Judaism.  You will find Jesus has been mentioned in the Quran. Are you familiar with Jerusalem? It is one of the most popular holiest cities in world. You will find a lot of Christians are traveling to Jerusalem.

  • Heaven and Hell

Christianity totally depends on the two things Heaven and Hell.  As per Bible, heaven is only place where lots of faithful Christians are living for eternity. Majority of the Christians are praying on a regular basis but it isn’t mandatory task.  If you are one who wants to be a good Christian then you don’t have to pray on a regular basis.

  • 316000 Missionaries

More than 316000 missionaries are already traveling to whole world to spread Bible. God has been appearing into three divine persons like Holy Spirit, son and Father.  It can be quite confusing for the non-Christians.  You will find Christians totally depends on the Monotheistic religion.  Ultimately, 71% of the Americans are considered to be Christian.

  • Christian devotees

More than 1.25 billion Christian devotees are available. You will able to find the Christians around the world. Significant amount of Christians are available in the Latin America, Europe and others.

Conclusive words

Lastly, Christian totally depends on three things like acceptance, Respect and knowledge.  More than 800 millions protestant Christians are available in the world. A lot of Christians totally believe in the holy spirit of Trinity and other things.

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