Christian theological doctrine – Everything you need to know!!!

The Bible says that God is one, and He is eternal, infinite, and omnipotent.  No idol can express the true nature of that God.  God orders a man to be holy, to worship, and to live according to the laws of nature.

The second half of the Bible shows that Jesus gave a new idea about God that there are three people in the same God.  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  All three are great and powerful. Christ died and atoned for all the sins of mankind.  He used to discuss the kingdom of God (Kingdom of God).  This meant that the power of God is the most powerful on earth.  He said that the establishment of the kingdom of God on earth is going to happen soon.  He called God the Father and the Son of God himself.

Summary of Christianity

The beliefs and principles prevalent in Christianity can be summarized under the following points.

1. God: One is power but has three forms – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

2. Fall: God made man perfect, but Adam committed the crime of disobeying God.  This caused mankind to turn away from God and fall.  (Old Bible)

3. Avatar: To reestablish the reunion of man and god, God came into the earth by becoming a man in the form of Jesus.  (New Bible)

4. Birth of a virgin: God miraculously took birth in the womb (womb) of virgin Mary.

5. The dual form of Jesus: Jesus was both God and man at the same time.

6. Atonement: God suffered in the form of Jesus, sacrificed as a human being.

7. Resurrection: God rose from the tomb of Jesus to grant immortality to the believers.

8. Divine Basis of the Church: God created the Church (Union) as the established method of establishing the kingdom of man and God in Jesus’ form.

9. Kindness: God helps man to save man from sin by his love.

10. Return: God will come back in the form of Jesus.  Good people will stand up from the grave.  There will be the salvation of saints.  Sinners will go to hell forever.

Major Texts of Christianity

Old Bible

The Old Bibles refer to the arrival of Hazrat Musa and the spread of Christianity by Hazrat Noah and his sons.  It is believed that the descendants of Noah’s son Hem were a group of Arab Jews and Egyptians, all known as tradition.  Hazrat Musa’s activities and teachings are described in the Old Bibles.

New bible

The New Bible is based on the Lord Jesus Christ of Hazrat.  It considers the Lord Jesus Christ to be born of the virgin Mary.  The Virgin Mary is said to be pregnant with the Holy Spirit.  It has been told that Akashvani told that the virgin girl will be pregnant and will give birth to a son.  He will be named Immanullah.  That child will grow up and show the way to people.  All sins will be found.  He will light everyone.  Israel will take care.  He will be Lord Jesus, called the son of God.

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